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Plant Care

Suitability for Different Sites

  •     H - High (over 2.5m)
  •     M - Medium (1m - 2.5m)
  •     L - Low (1m or less)

Suitability for Soil Types

  •     Already established.
  •     Heavy clay soil.
  •     Medium loam clay soil.
  •     Light sandy soil.
  •     Peaty soil.
  •     Acid soil.
  •     Alkaline soil.
  •     Wet soil high water table.


Feeding: Hedges should be fed with a general purpose granular fertilizer at the rate of 100g per linear metre annually.

Watering: All containers should be soaked thoroughly before planting. It is essential to ensure that the soil is kept moist after planting until the hedge has rooted in.

Trimming: Hedges can be trimmed in many shapes. To maintain your hedge in good condition it must be trimmed regularly. See tables for optimum trimming times.


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