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Plant Care

Suitability for Different Sites

  •     H - High (over 2.5m)
  •     M - Medium (1m - 2.5m)
  •     L - Low (1m or less)

Suitability for Soil Types

  •     Already established.
  •     Heavy clay soil.
  •     Medium loam clay soil.
  •     Light sandy soil.
  •     Peaty soil.
  •     Acid soil.
  •     Alkaline soil.
  •     Wet soil high water table.


Watering: All containers should be soaked thoroughly before planting. It is essential to ensure that the soil is kept moist after planting until the hedge has rooted in.

Feeding: Hedges should be fed with a general purpose granular fertilizer at the rate of 100g per linear metre annually.


Hedges can be trimmed in many shapes. To maintain your hedge in good condition it must be trimmed regularly. See tables for optimum trimming times.


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