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Why plant a hedge?

  • Hedges are the most natural form of garden boundary and have been used for centuries to keep out intruders or animals and to create shelter and privacy.
  • They are also a key part of the garden landscape, acting as a living, green backdrop to colourful borders and lawns.
  • Hedges can last longer than a fence and just as long as a wall.
  • Less expensive than a fence or a brick wall.
  • Provides shelter from winds.
  • Attracts insects, birds and butterflies.
  • Hedges that produce berries are a great source of food for birds. A hedge also provides shelter for birds. There is nothing quite like watching birds from your window feeding on berries on a cold, frosty morning.
  • A hedge helps absorb noise and dust.
  • Planting a hedge is a great idea if you want to hide an unattractive feature such as rubbish bins, washing lines, compost heaps or ugly buildings.
  • If you have a large area, say an acre or more, and you want to create a boundary, plant shelter belts and groups of trees at the boundaries and in the corners. This will not only give you privacy, shelter and a lovely setting but will reduce the area for lawn mowing. Use hazel, birch, holly, hawthorn and beech. Leylandii green or gold also make excellent shelter belts.
  • If you are exposed to sea wind, you can use griselinia, olearia or Escallonia.
  • In inland areas, holly and yew make good evergreen hedges and hornbeam and hawthorn are good deciduous kinds.


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